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Path of Exile (POE) Inventory Automatic Orgnize !!! [1]

If you pick up the abolition and sell the item, the Currency is piling up a lot, and today, in order to solve that problem and pick up the abolition quickly, i'll send all the Currency to the warehouse, stash joe ~ with one Keyboard input from the character inventory. 


PoE Automatic Potion Drink!! If Hit point is half…

Hello life on the room. 

I added an upgrade to my last post and this time I used OpenCV to create a Python code that automatically takes potions when your health or mana is half-baked!

First, let's learn about the files that were added or changed before entering. – Changed to press a specific key as a result of the change and image processing. 
config.cfg – Added options for changes, video processing, and the keyboard value to press at critical point Trigger. – It is about additional and video processing.


Arduino PRO MICRO macro keyboard, mouse

Hello life on the room. !! Very nice 

Today, I'll create a macro Keyboard, Mouse with serial data that came with Arduino Pro Micro.

The preparation is simple. The only Arduino Pro Micro

The Arduino Pro Micro is a ATMEGA32U4-compatible board that allows you to program on the chip. So all serial HID is possible! Just 5V version and 3.3 V are present. In the case of the 5V version, it works at 16MHz, and if you see the oscillator in the part of 5V, it will look like 16, and if it is 3.3 V, the number will be 8. 


Normal air conditioner to Iot air conditioner

The other day I did a heated explanation about the IR Library Lirc… So I tried to register with the LG air conditioner remote to write Irrecord… The IR signal is solitary…. So it was impossible to create a conf file…. Frantically pressing "." The only… The moment I think of it as a ruined life, thanks to the example provided by the Pigpio library. 

Let's find out how I use the silver pigpio of my summer life!! Very nice


How to get stock data (Pandas)

Let’s start with getting stock data first.

There are three ways to receive stock price.

Using brokerage API
crawl webpages
Using APIs provided by Google, Yahoo, Morningstar, etc.

First of all, in this post, we will try to import stock price data in third ways which is most simple.


Python development environment (Virtualenv)

Once you’ve finished installing Pycharm, you should now set up a virtual environment for your development.

A virtual environment is a clone of the Python Interpreter installed on your system so that it can be used only for desired projects.
You have to go into that path and run python, or else you have to catch the environment variable differently.


Python development environment (Python install)

Python is an intuitive and easy-to-develop language. There are lots of libraries and it’s easy to get help from Google.

It is also an interpreter language, so you do not have to compile like C, C ++, or JAVA, so you can see the results quickly.

There are various versions of Python, but I will use Python3.6 32bit version.

The reason I use this version is to link API of Kiwoom Securities. It seems to work only with 32bit Python. 

And we will proceed with development in Windows environment.