Python development environment (pycharm install)

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  • Hello this is lifeonroom
    I installed Python on the last Post.
    Now that you have Python installed, you need to write and run the code.
    To do this, You need an Editor or an IDE to create the code and test it.
    There are many editor that support Python VS Code, Sublime text, Notepad ++ … and so on.
    The disadvantage of the editor, is that you can only edit the code but you can’t run or debugging on editor (Can be solved by installing plugin)
    So I prefer IDE, and I chose Pycharm as the strongest IDE. (I do not know if there is another IDE …)
    Pycharm community version is free and can be developed well with this free version.
    However, Web development like using Django Framwork is limited but it will be a great IDE because we will not be doing web development here.
    Installation is simple. You can download the community version by clicking the download Now button on the site below.

    If you run Pycharm after installation, the following screen will appear. Just click OK to continue.

    If you agree with the license and set the theme, the following screen will appear.

    In the next post, I will post about Virtual Enviroment and finish development environment series.

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